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   We start this family genealogical introduction with my great great grandparents, Gabriel Merola and Maria Marchesana. Gabriel was born about 1818 and
   Maria about 1820. Both were born on a hill top city of Capaccio, Italy. Capaccio is still a part of Salerno. They were married about 1840. 
   The farm house that Gabriel was raised in is still in the family and is located minutes from the church of the Madonna della Granato,which has been in 
   existance for many hundreds of years. As you stand in front looking at the church there are only two roads leading up to (or away from) the church itself. 
   If you take the road to the left, Via Crispi, it will take you to the Merola farm. If you take the road to the right, you can travel to the town of 
   Capaccio or travel off the mountain and down to the flatlands below.

  The surnames that follow can be found in North American and/or in Europe. Check them out and if there is a chance we are related, feel free to 
  click the  Contact Us button at the bottom of this page and send us an email.       Thank You.

  Alpabetically the names are:  Alba, Bregante, Briganti, Cammarano, Cammarasano, Canavan,Castaldo, 
    Cavallo, Cerchio, De Gregorio, Frates, Gennettasio, Giangiulio, Giaretillo, Grecco, Leo, Lesser, Lloyd, Macho, Melillo, Merola, Mukai, Nargi, Nesi, 
    Papantonio, Picarillo, Pingaro, Pio Costa, Pisanello, Reardon, Scovotti, Scovotto, Siano, Simko, Thomas, Trancone, Uzzo, Woodtke, Zeccola.

    Surnames by major family lines:


     Bartlett, Beers, Bregante, Briganti, Cammarasano, Canavan, Capazzolo, Castaldo, Cerchio, De Luca, Dorio, Faruola, Ferrerira, Frates, 
     Giaretillo, Girasa, Gironda, Goldfaub, Grecco, Krueger, Leo, Lesser, Lloyd, Martucci, Melillo, Mukai,Nargi, Nesi, Picarillo, Pio Costa, 
     Pisanello, Pupazzoni, Reardon, Rizzo, Scovotti, Simko, Stafferi, Sucarie, Thomas, Trancone, Uzzo, Whittern, Woodtke, Zeccola

     The following family connections can be reached by clicking on the links below:

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Azana, Christine, Crisera, Criss, Gennettasio, LoCascio, Mankoff, Marino, McCullough, Millspaugh, Moulthrop, Papantonio, Pericone, Scovotti, Spinella, Zimmatore Scovotti:
Active Link: Scovotti Family Web Site
Alba, Anderson, Cammarano, Catalano, Cavallo, Crisanta, De Gregorio, DeSimone, DiRusso, Giangiulio, Gorrasi, Holewa, Knopfke, Kobar, Lanaro, LiVolsi, Macho, Merola, Periconi, Pingaro, Scovotto, Siano, Spirito, Tafuri

Children of Gabriel were Angelo, Antonio, Luigi and Others

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