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 Luigi Merola Family 1905

Circa 1905.

                                        The above picture standing in the back row from left to right is:

                     Angelina (9 yrs); Amelia (13 yrs); Rosina (sitting); Mary (14 yrs); Luigi (sitting) and Anthony Merola (8 yrs)

                       Front row left to right Fanny (3 yrs); Gabriel (5 yrs); Al (1-2 yrs. standing in front of Gabriel);

                            baby Frank being held by his mother and Joseph (7 yrs) standing next to Luigi and in front of Anthony

             John was born in 1906; Lizzi was born in 1907 and James was born in 1909. Frank and Amelia died about 1910.
               Rosina died on 19 April 1911. For the next seven years Luigi is married to his second wife. They have four
                  children during this time with Ameilia dying after giving birth to her fourth child.

Amelia or Millie we believe was born the year following my grandmother Mary. Mary was born 14 March 1891. Amelia could have been born almost anytime in 1892. When we were at a cemetery in Queens, New York and realizing that there was no way we could read the names on the stones as to whom was buried in either of the two grave plots assigned to Luigi Merola, we paid a fee for the records department to do the research and send us a report. According to New York State law there can be three full size caskets in one plot. Now in the case of children since they are smaller, there can be more than three bodies in one plot. Enough on that subject. Luigi bought two plots right next to each other. In one he was buried. In the other were two of his wives, Rosa his first wife and Amelia his second wife. In addition there was Amelia his daughter and her child. You see Amelia or Millie, Mary's younger sister had gotten married to a man named Tracone. There is two spellings of this. It was spelled one way for baby Luigi who died of unknown causes and one way for his mother. They died within six months of each other. The husband or father was in World War I and surrived only to find out that both his wife and son had died. There doesn't seem a reason to follow up on this avenue. Even assuming the young man remarried and lived in the local area, he and his descendants are not related to the Merola family. End of this story.

As for the condition of the picture. This picture was located on a piece of plywood hanging over the work desk of my grandfather in the basement of his home on Jarvis Avenue, Bronx, New York. Some fifty years ago, plus or minus a few years a certain group of young men not having anything worth while to do decided to use the pictures on the board for dart practice. I was one of those wild and crazy young men. To those in the picture who have been defaced, I offer my deapest apology. You see there are two people that may have had only one picture taken of them, Amelia and her younger brother Frank, the baby sitting in his mothers arms.

The Children of Amelia (Millie) Merola Trancone

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