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Angelina Merola  Joe Castaldo

Angelina or better know to her friends and family as 'Angie' Merola was born about 1897 in Manhattan, New York.

Aunt Angie married Joseph Castaldo when he returned from World War I approximately 1918 or 1919. Aunt Angie and Uncle Joe had two daughters, Elizabeth ( Betty ) and Rose. They also had one son whom they named Thomas.

Betty has two sons, Fred and William 'Bill'. Fred is married to Patty and they have one son, Michael.

William is married to Linda and they have three sons, Bryan, Kevin and Heather. Both boys are married and Heather is preparing for an up coming wedding in this month 2007. I had placed a call to the family to introduce myself and explain what I am doing and why but due to the wedding my timing was off a little. This will have to wait for another month.

Bryan has one daugher, Melanie who is married to Jamie.

Uncle Joe in WWI uniform. Angie and Joe on Wedding Day.
Uncle Joe in World War I uniform. Angie and Joe on Wedding Day.

Pictures supplied by Rose Castaldo

It was learned in August 2004 that Uncle Joe's real name is Donato. The story is that when he come to the United States and was being processed in, he heard people using the name Joseph. He apparently never went back to Donato.

When one learns more about the Merola family, one will learn that Aunt Angie took into her home some of her siblings. The exact dates and the number of her brothers is unknown but I know they were happy she did. For further information please turn to the autobiographical sketch of Mary Merola Scovotti, the older sister.

Also note that we recently added pictures about the Merola Construction Company and in one of the pictures you will see Angelina Merola with her father Luigi Merola. She was a secretary at her fathers business.

During a visit to California in December 2006, my wife and I visited Rose Castaldo who has lived in California from just after graduating from nursing school in New York as a young lady. She has the sweetest personality and was very enthusiastic over not only the visit but the fact someone wanted to include in the family research something about her side of the family.

Castaldo-Krueger Family. Elizabeth and Rose Castaldo.
Castaldo family at the Breganti home in New Jersey. Castaldo sisters in their Sunday best.

I am not sure how I will handle this but we collected over four hours of dialogue and quite a few family pictures on the day of our visit. I think over time I will gradually add both the text and pictures gathered into this page. If I do nothing else, the story of how Rose met her husband Jim and the story of how Betty met her husband Ted. Both stories will be put onto this page because they were both very entertaining .

The Children of Angelina 'Merola' Castaldo and Joe Castaldo

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                                                          Great             Great-Great           Great-Great-Great
                       Child        Grandchild           Grandchild        Grandchild            Grandchild

                      Elizabeth       William            Bryan              Mellanie
                                                         Kevin              Alexandria

                                      Fred               Michael                

                       Rose           James              Karen                 
                                                         Brian              Kurt


                                                          Great             Great-Great           Great-Great-Great
                       Child        Grandchild           Grandchild        Grandchild            Grandchild
                        3            4                   6               3              

16 descendants as of 15 November 2012.

For additional information on the life of Angelina and Joe, please read Mary's autobiographical sketch which is included in its entirety in this site.

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