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 Frank Merola's Baptismal Certificate

To the best of our knowledge there is no informaton in the Autobiographical Sketch done by Mary Merola Scovotti about Frank Merola. Frank was born in 1905, as the birth certificate to the left indicates. Mary my grandmother was married in 1909 at the age of eighteen. Now doing the math, she was 14 when Frank was born. Even if Frank died right after birth, there doesn't seem to be a way she would not have know of his birth. Being the oldest Merola child it would more than likely been in part her responsibility to take care of or have helped in taking care of her siblings when the mother had the baby. Yet, she never mentioned him verbally or in the book. It is a mystery. Even asking other relatives many years ago, my wife and I were told no Frank Merola ever existed. Also very strange. Until a death record can be found showing when Frank Merola died, I am going to make an educated guess that Frank died at an early age (under three years of age) and probably of pneumonia.

I am including a picture I came across the other night. It is damaged or to be more correct it was damaged by youths some forty or fifty years ago as it hung over my grandfathers work table in the basement of his Jarvis Avenue home. Yes, I was one of those youths that used the pictures hanging from a sheet of plywood over my grandfathers desk as a dart board. Boy do I feel foolish today. I am sorry! I will try and fix it the best I can with Adobe Photo Shop over time. The picture I am talking about is a family picture of Merola children. Amongst the usual children were one daughter of Luigi we don't hear much about, Amelia or Millie. Our records show Amelia being born the year after my grandmother Mary was born. Anyway, right in the middle of the picture was Rosina holding a baby. The baby's name is Frank. The picture is dated 1905, no month or day is mentioned. The best guess is that the baby was between six months and a year of age. This picture may be the only one in existence of Amelia and her brother Frank.

I estimate it may take ten or more hours to repair the picture to some degree of clarity. I will do the best that I can. I will also put a copy on the Amelia Merola page.

 Merola Family circa 1905

The above picture standing in the back row from left to right is:

                     Angelina (9 yrs); Amelia (13 yrs); Rosina (sitting); Mary (14 yrs); Luigi (sitting) and Anthony Merola (8 yrs)

                                 Front row left to right Fanny (3 yrs); Gabriel (5 yrs); Al (1-2 yrs. standing in front of Gabriel);

                            baby Frank being held by his mother and Joseph (7 yrs) standing next to Luigi and in front of Anthony

             John was born in 1906; Lizzi was born in 1907 and James was born in 1909. Frank dies and Amelia dies in about 1910.
                 From 1910 on it is just the ten siblings until Rosina dies in 1911. From 1911 until the second wife dies in
                     1918 when there are four more children born to Luigi.

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