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James Merola Mary C. Merola
James Merola was born 2 April 1909 in Manhattan, New York. More accurately, Vincenzo Merola was born on 2 April 1909 to Luigi and Rosina Merola. Though Vincenzo has it's American counter part 'Vincent' the grape vine indicates that the names James, Jimmy or Jim were more often used by those of Italian descent. Well that is the rumor.

James married Marie 'Mary' Capozzolo on 8 September 1935 at St. Clare's Church, in the Bronx, New York. Uncle James and Aunt Mary had four children: Carol, Mary Jo, Peggy and Jeanne.

Carol and husband George have three children: Susan, Karen and Laura. Karen's child and Laura's children make up the three great grandchildren of James and Mary.

Mary Jo has three sons: George, James and Roy Jr. In 2006 Mary Jo became a grandmother for the first time. Congradulations, Mary Jo. Peggy and her husband Lorenzo have a son: David. Jeanne and her husband Kenneth have three children: Seth, Nicholas and Jeffrey.

James Merola Mary C. Merola
During the month of November 2003, communication was established with each of the four sisters and I want to say I have appreciated their help in doing the family work. The following information about grandchildren and great grandchildren is a bout 95% accurate.

In February 2004, a color picture arrived from Mary Jo of her parents. I split them into two pictures. Her parents are wearing name tags and were dressed for a casual summer afternoon. It may have been a family gathering or a business picnic. The when, where and why of the picture was not know.

The fall of 2004 presented the opportunity for a drive to Phoenix from Los Angeles. My daughter left the keys to her car and so I borrowed my granddaughter and we went to visit Mary Jo. It was the first time I met Mary Jo. It was a double pleasure. On our visit, Mary Jo's older sister Carol and her husband were there and so I met the both for the first time. It was a very enjoyable weekend. The following early James Merola family pictures were provided by Mary Jo and are much appreciated.

 James at college

James Merola is located in the front row of this Steven's College picture.

 James on his honeymoon
Mr James Merola
September 1935.
 Mary on her honeymoon
Mrs Mary Merola
September 1935.

 Dad with Carol and Mary Jo
Carol, Mary Jo and dad
Christmas 1939.
 Mom with Carol and Mary Jo
Carol, Mary Jo and mom
Christmas 1939.

 James and mother in law
Josephine Capozzola, Mary's mother and James Merola.

The Children of James and Mary Merola

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                                                          Great             Great-Great           Great-Great-Great
                       Child        Grandchild           Grandchild        Grandchild            Grandchild

                       Carol         Susan
                                      Karen A.
                                      Laura               Gina

                       MaryJo         George
                                      Roy                 Sadie

                       Peggy          David

                       Jeanne         Seth

                                                          Great             Great-Great           Great-Great-Great
                       Child        Grandchild           Grandchild        Grandchild            Grandchild
                       4             10                4                             

18 descendants as of 15 November 2015.

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