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John Merola Mae Merola

John A. Merola was born 26 June 1906 in Manhattan, New York.

John married Filomena 'Mae' Giaretillo about February 1934. Uncle John and Aunt Mae have three children: John R., Anthony and Angela.

John R. and his wife Marie have a son named John. Anthony and his wife Mary have a daughter, Jennifer. Angela and her first husband have a son David. Angela remarried and she and her husband Irvin have two children: Samantha and Elizabeth.


                                                          Great             Great-Great           Great-Great-Great
                       Child        Grandchild           Grandchild        Grandchild            Grandchild

                      John           John

                      Anthony        Jennifer            Matthew
                      Angela         David


                                                          Great            Great-Great          Great-Great-Great
                       Child        Grandchild           Grandchild        Grandchild            Grandchild

                       3            5                 3                           

11 descendants as of 15 November 2012.

For additional information on the life of John and Mae Merola, please read Mary's autobiographical sketch which is included in its entirety in this site.

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