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Joseph Merola Anna Merola
Joseph Merola Born 9 September 1898 in Capaccio, Italy. Capaccio is a small town in central Italy, about thirty miles southeast of Naples high up in the hills. Joseph was one of two children born to Luigi and Rosa that were born in the old country. For more on why only two were born in Italy in and of itself makes for an interesting story. You can learn about by reading the autobiographical sketch, by Maria 'Mary' Merola Scovotti entitled "My Family, My Life".

Joseph married Anne Grecco or (Greco) on 27 January 1929 and they had four children: Rose, Joan, Muriel and Beverly.

Rose stayed with her parents only a couple of years before getting sick. Joan and her husband Louis (Lou) have two children: Anne Marie and Louis Jr. ; Muriel and husband have three daughters: Claudia, Monica and Tracy. Beverly lives with her husband Michael, and has just entered the world of retirement.

I am sorry to say that Joan passed away August 2003 and Louis in December 2006. I met both Anne Marie and Louis Jr. many years ago when they were small children. I do not believe I ever met Muriel's children. In December 2006 my wife and I drove to California to visit our new grand daughter Layla Rose. We stopped to visit a Merola in Houston, Tx. ( but that was on the way ) and called Muriel to tell her we would like to visit with her on the way back. Well as you would have it, going the weather was just fine, cold, but clear. Coming back we were just ahead of the snow and ice that had been plaguing the more northern routes. Interstate 10 was as south as one can go and still go east and west, but we just made it home before they closed some 300 miles of I10 and so we will have to postpone Muriel's visit for another time. Of course, this is no way prevents Claudia, Monica and Tracy from contacting us since they are all over twenty-one. Thank you.

 Joe and Ann's Wedding Day
Mr. & Mrs Joseph Merola - 27 Jan 1929.

The Children of Joseph and Anna Merola

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                                                          Great             Great-Great           Great-Great-Great
                       Child        Grandchild           Grandchild        Grandchild            Grandchild

                      Joan(d)        Anne Marie          Ashley

                                     Louis Jr.           Lucinao

                      Muriel         Claudia

                                     Monica              Sara


                                                          Great             Great-Great           Great-Great-Great
                       Child        Grandchild           Grandchild        Grandchild            Grandchild

                       4            5                  7                                                

16 descendants as of 15 November 2012.

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