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 Mary Merola Ross Scovotti
Maria 'Mary' Merola born 14 March 1891 in Manhattan, New York. Ross, named at birth Benedetto Rosario Scovotto, was born in Salerno, Italy on 14 August 1887. The reason for Ross coming to America was to help the family in Italy with the making of money as quickly as possible. It was during this visit that he met Mary. Needless to say he stayed a little longer than planned. Many years after marriage, he did return to visit with family and friends that still lived in Italy. He always sent what he could in terms of money and clothing to his family in Italy and they in turn would send him things that he enjoyed.

These were two very unique people. Was it their heritage, religion or their family values, I don't know but whatever it was it lasted a life time. Long after they left us I for one still remember the wonderful times I had as a child growing up only a short distance from their home. The holiday meals and all the other visits, have lasted me a lifetime. This is one reason I am doing what I do. I want Ross and Mary to be remembered for the type of people that they were.

Mary and Ross had five children: Louis, Grace, Rosemary, Michael and Anthony that lived to adulthood. Their first two children, both boys and named Donato after Ross's father, died at an early age. Louis, the third child, had two children Margaret and Louise; next in line came Grace who had three children Robert, Edward and Linda; then Rosemary who had three boys Peter, Paul, James and who later in life adopted a girl; Michael who has four children Nancy, Ross, Mark and Michele and Anthony who had three children Anthony, Christopher and Donna.

Their youngest child Anthony died unexpectantly at a very early age. His passing was followed by his oldest brother Louis and in November 2006 by sister Grace. In updating this brief description, my mother Rosemary and my Uncle Michael,her younger brother, have left use. My Aunt Tina, Anthony's wife, just celebrated her 90th birhtday.

The Children of Mary 'Merola' Scovotti and Ross Scovotti

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Louis(d) Margaret Louise James Joseph Jack Thomas Alexa Cole Grace Michael Louise Louis John Victoria Grace(d) Robert Joan Jennifer Jessie Melissa Robert Isabella Julianna Christine Matthew Samantha Edward Linda David Jack Caroline Steven Mark LeeLu Oden Rosemary(d) Peter Priscilla Alexander Brandon Pamela Penelope Paul Rosanne Shaniece Samantha Shane Matthew Hope Riley Kristian Jacob Carolyn Jordan Layla Rose Sarah Amren Annaliese Mattea Hayden Josiah Ava Joseph Quintin Zachary James Francesca Laura Rebecca Michael(d) Nancy Matthew Mark Jonathan Ross Michele Gordon Alexa Mark Michael Thomas Elisabeth Daniel Margaret Anthony(d) Anthony Michael Avery Lisa Christopher Christopher Christopher Stephen Matthew Donna Brian Declin Colin Allison Conor Brenna Great Great-Great Great-Great-Great Child Grandchild Grandchild Grandchild Grandchild 5 16 36 44 1
102 descendants as of 5 August 2014.

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